The teeth are not the only ones that are seen by others when you smile, so they are not the only ones that you should be taking care of. Gums are often overlooked when proper dental health practises are observed, which is a pity since the gums provide a stable and healthy frame for your pearly white teeth – and for your whole smile as well.

Gum treatments are done to address certain diseases or conditions that affect the good health of the gums; if left undiagnosed or untreated for a long period of time, gum disease can lead to more serious complications – and can even result to tooth loss. It is best to deal with gum disease in the earliest stages, so that the gum treatments can work their magic in the most effective ways possible – preventing more serious dental problems from developing and wreaking havoc on your overall dental health.

The type of gum treatment that will be done will depend on the nature of the gum disease or problem that needs to be addressed. Minor gum problems may be addressed with non-surgical gum treatments, such as root planing or scaling, which work on cleaning root surfaces. Surgical gum treatments may be needed for treating more advanced gum diseases such as periodontitis; some of the surgical gum treatment options include crown lengthening, gum grafting, and pocket reduction. Cosmetic gum treatments, on the other hand, focus on improving the aesthetic aspect of your smile – an example of a cosmetic gum treatment is laser gum reshaping, which is usually done to address gummy smile concerns.

Laser Gum Reshaping


Laser gum reshaping is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is used to alter the shape and appearance of the gums, to give you more beautiful smiles. An attractive smile does not only involve pearly white teeth – it also needs to be framed nicely by healthy, symmetrical looking gums that are free from gum disease. Even if your teeth are perfectly aligned and pearly white, your smile will not look as brightly when your gums do not look healthy.

Laser gum reshaping is usually done to address issues concerning a gummy smile, which is a condition when excessive gum tissue shows when a person smiles or opens the mouth. A gummy smile can also make teeth look abnormally small, making the smile look unattractive or unnatural. A laser gum reshaping procedure uses the power of a laser to precisely improve the contours, size, and shape of the gums so that more of the teeth structure is showing – and so that the smile looks more healthy and normal.

A Laser gum reshaping procedure quickly addresses gummy smiles concerns, usually by removing some of the gum tissue to alter the appearance of the gums; this way, the teeth will look bigger or will be lengthened, making them more normal looking and resulting to a healthier looking smile. Laser gum reshaping can also address issues of uneven looking gums, which can cause a smile to look unattractive; the laser gum reshaping procedure can alter the gum shape and contours to provide a more symmetrical look to the smile.