Emergency Dentistry


It is an unfortunate fact of life that dangerous situations can have traumatic effects on your teeth. Here at London City Smiles, we are always prepared to deal with issues that require Emergency Dentistry. Our technical skill and expertise can help turn a bad dental situation around.

Emergency Dentistry can be used to deal with a number of dental issues. These kinds of procedures are performed to prevent any further complications caused by the trauma of the initial dental issue. Our comprehensive range of dental procedures means that we can give you the right treatment, no matter how extreme or complicated the issue is. It is always best to call a dentist, as opposed to 999, in the case of dental trauma.

If you have experienced a dental trauma resulting in chronic dental pain, visible damage to the teeth, uncontrollable bleeding or swelling which is affecting the face, eye or throat, it is vital that you get Emergency Dentistry treatment. Not only will this eradicate the feeling of pain and discomfort that is caused by dental trauma, but it will prevent any further complications that could develop if the trauma is left untreated.

"Emergency Dentistry can be a daunting experience, but we pride ourselves on making the treatment as comfortable and painless as possible."

Our Approach

If you require Emergency Dentistry, our team will conduct an over-the-phone assessment before you reach the surgery. This helps us to comprehensively prepare for possible treatment options and makes the situation as efficient as possible when you get to us. Once you have arrived, we will then re-discuss your dental issue and suggest the treatment we believe to be the best way to deal with the issue. Acting quickly is a vital part of emergency treatment, so we will be happy to proceed as soon as you have agreed on our approach.

Normally emergency treatment will require a form of pain relief, this can range from local anaesthetics which are injected into the gums, or general anaesthetics which are given by a drip through the vein or via a gas mask. In either case, the right pain relief will be administered to make sure that you feel no pain and discomfort during your treatment. After your treatment, we will often invite you to take the time to feel completely comfortable before you leave. Due to the immediacy of Emergency Dentistry, we also recommend that you bring somebody with you to help you get home.


Emergency Dentistry can be used to deal with a number of dental issues, which require immediate treatment, these include:

  • Root canal
  • Dental abscesses
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Traumatic injury
  • Impacted teeth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Broken teeth

Often these issues need to be dealt with in order to prevent any further damage to your teeth. Therefore, Emergency Dentistry is used to deal with the immediate issue but is also preventative in nature.

If you’ve experienced traumatic dental issues, book an appointment with us immediately! Please get in touch if you need more advice.

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