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A dazzling white smile with perfectly straight teeth can be even more attractive when combined with fresh breath and good oral hygiene practises. Regardless of how straight and pearly white your teeth are, the attractiveness of your smile will greatly be diminished if your breath stinks, and if you do not practise good oral health that is necessary to have the fresh smelling breath that you will be proud of.

If you want to keep your breath smelling fresh, you will need to learn first about what causes bad breath or halitosis – so that you can do your best in preventing bad breath from developing, and so that you can stay away from the factors that can cause bad breath. London City Smiles fresh breath and hygiene clinic will help you in achieving and maintaining the best smelling breath possible.

What Causes Bad Breath?

  • Poor oral hygiene: This is the main cause of bad breath, food particles that are left on the surfaces of the teeth and the oral cavity can lead to bad smells, especially if regular tooth brushing is not done properly. Food bits that are left on the spaces between teeth can also cause bad breath, and should be removed with the help of dental floss.
  • Dry Mouth: A dry mouth condition can also cause bad breath; this is because the production of saliva is greatly reduced. Saliva aids in washing away food particles inside the mouth, and helps in hydrating the whole oral cavity as well. A dry mouth can lead to the growth of bacteria that can cause bad breath to develop.
  • Tooth Decay and Mouth Infections: Decaying teeth that are not treated in the soonest possible time can contribute to bad smells on the breath, because of the presence of bacteria on the teeth surfaces of the decayed teeth. Any infections inside the mouth can also contribute to a foul smelling breath
  • Food and Beverages: Food items that have strong odours, such as garlic, can contribute to bad breath. Certain beverages, such as coffee or wine, can leave unpleasant smells inside the mouth – especially if good oral hygiene is not practised.
  • Smoking/Chewing Tobacco: The chemicals found in cigarettes and tobacco products can lead to the development of bad breath.

Enjoying Fresh Breath

  • Make sure that you brush your teeth properly and on a regular basis – that is, after meals for a minimum of twice daily. Tooth brushing will ensure that bad breath-causing food particles are washed away from the mouth; the use of dental floss can also remove any food bits stuck to spaces between the teeth.
  • Do not forget to clean the surface of your tongue as well. A tongue cleaner should be used to gently but firmly scrape the surface of the tongue, where bad breath causing bacteria can grow.
  • Keep your mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and avoiding too much consumption of coffee or wine.
  • Use antimicrobial mouthwash or mouth rinse to help keep your breath smelling fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Go for regular dental check ups, so that your dentist can help you with fighting bad breath. Your dentist will also be able to give you additional information to help you achieve the freshest smelling breath possible.

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