Children’s Dentistry


A trip to the dentists is not every child’s idea of fun! Luckily for your little ones, there is no need to dread the dentists at London City Smiles! We offer specifically designed appointments for children, so they can feel comfortable having any treatment.

We specialise in children’s dental health by putting their wellbeing at the heart of our paediatric services. We find that talking to your child in a compassionate manner and trying to have a joke (where we can) can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone! This our approach with every child, including those with special needs. We are passionate about treating any child with special needs, and whilst we treat them the same way, we know that a certain level of care and attention is required.

At London City Smiles, not only do we offer a broad range of children’s dentistry treatments, we also try to educate on oral health with every appointment. We feel that a helpful reminder on top of your assured parental advice can help to improve oral hygiene practices and increases the value that your child places on dental health. We hope that this will give your little ones an excellent foundation of knowledge to take into their adult lives!

“We are passionate about children’s dentistry and want no child to dread a trip to the dentists! That’s why we treat every youngster with a compassionate, caring and friendly approach.”

Our Approach

Our approach to children’s dentistry is simple: we treat every child with compassion and care (as well as trying to have fun, where possible)! Alongside this attitude, we hope to give your child helpful educational tips to support your parent advice and encourage positive dental health. We hope that this will help your little one to not dread the dentist and may even make them look forward to being in the dentist’s chair!

If your child has to have any treatment, we will explain every aspect to them in detail so they know what will happen before we undertake the treatment. We know that working with children requires patience, which is why we are happy to take any treatment at the right pace for your child.

The Importance of Children's Dentistry

Making sure that your child is unafraid of the dentist from a young age is vital to their dental health in the future! The first few years of your child’s dental history will shape the way their teeth form in the future and so regular check-ups at the dentists will help to know what their options are going forward. As well as being a good general practice, children’s dentistry is important at dealing with a number of dental issues, including:

  • Dental trauma (damages caused by accidents or injuries)
  • Teeth removal (normally when teeth have failed to break through the surface)
  • Dental abnormalities (irregular tooth structure, shape or size)
  • Tooth decay
  • Soft tissue problems (problems with lips, gum, cheek or tongue)

Want your child to feel comfortable at the dentists? Book an appointment with London Smiles today! Alternatively, get in touch with our team, they’ll be happy to talk to you!

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