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Four common skincare myths!

Having youthful, radiant skin makes you feel good and gives you the confidence to be yourself. However, there are so many beauty articles presenting perfect beauty solutions that not all of them can provide on their promises. We’ve created this list of skincare myths so you can stay clear of them and given you our solutions to keep you on track to great-looking, healthy skin.

Don’t use moisturiser if you have oily skin

This is one of the biggest skin myths around. Unluckily for those of you that have been skipping moisturiser because of your oily skin, you still need to use it. Here’s the science behind it: when you don’t use moisturiser, your skin overcompensates by producing excessive amounts of sebum, which leads to even oilier skin and more chance of breakouts.

The solution to this is to use the right products for your skin. One of the best products on the market for all skin types is Obagi: it provides innovative skin technology made from naturally derived ingredients. For people with oily skin, it also gives you eight-hour moisturisation, which means you’ll probably only need one or two applications a day.

Start using anti-aging products when your wrinkles start appearing

If you’re waiting for your skin too look old before using anti-aging skin products, it might already be too late. Prevention really is the key to good-looking skin. Using products that target against lines and wrinkles before they’ve made their unfortunate appearance provides a great defence against them in the future.

Whilst some anti-aging products can be too harsh for young skin, using a high-quality retinol cream and eye cream in your twenties is the best way to fight against old-looking skin. For those that aren’t keen with the wrinkles they already have, a wrinkle relaxing injection can bring some youthful grace back to your face!

Hot water is great for opening pores

Let’s face it: all of us have suffered with the sting of borderline scalding water on our faces before using a facial scrub! Hot water might feel nice whilst you’re singing in the shower but it’s actually not good for your skin – at all! Using hot water on your skin can take away all of the beneficial natural oils that your skin creates.

It’s best to splash lukewarm water on your face when performing your skin routine and patting dry before applying any beauty products or makeup. (As a side-note, makeup isn’t great for your skin either: especially around your eyes. Using a solution that grows your eyelashes is a better way of getting luscious lashes! One of beauty’s best kept secrets is Obagi ELASTILash solution, ssh!)

You only need sunscreen in summer

Most people associate sunscreen with summer, but they shouldn’t. One of the quickest ways your skin ages is through exposure to the UV rays from the sun and the last time we checked, the sun is out in the winter as much as summer (even if it is a little colder)! You can easily burn when it’s cold, even when it’s cold enough for snow to be on the ground!

The best way to be sure that your skin is definitely protected is to use SPF all year round, just use a little less when it’s cloudy or colder!

Don’t worry if you’ve been tricked by some of these skincare myths, because now you’ll know to stay clear of them! We hope we’ve helped to establish some ways to get good-looking and healthy skin because the health of your skin is just as important as the health of the rest of your body. However, like many fields of health, the best way to get the right skincare regime for you is to consult a dermatologist or skincare professional.