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Five things you can tell about someone from their smile

A smile tells a thousand words. Whatever position you’re in, your first impression always counts. That’s why brushing your teeth, flossing every day and keeping your smile dazzlingly bright makes a difference when you’re meeting people. To give you some motivation, here’s five things you can tell about somebody from their smile.



Everybody knows that smiling exudes confidence. Those with a confident smile are more likely to come across as self-assured and positive. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of smiling due to a fear of appearing vulnerable. This couldn’t be further from the truth – if you can capture that perfect smile, you’ll feel more confident in yourself.


Smiling can also project an air of professionalism. As we’ve said previously, those with dazzling smiles are likely to make more positive first impressions. This is an essential part of your working life, so having an open, friendly and genuine smile is the best way to nail that weekly meeting.



The act of smiling itself has been found to have a truly positive effect on mental health. Those who smile regularly generate the same endorphins that are released during exercise. These endorphins then contribute to a happier and more positive outlook. If you can feel that positivity inside you, your smile will do the rest.



Authenticity can be hard to come across these days and fake smiles are often very easy to spot. Unfortunately, there’s no way to practice or imitate an authentic smile. If you feel happy, content and positive in your own mind, smiles with authenticity will inevitably become part of your character in the long run.



Let’s end on a sweet note. If someone’s in love with you, you’ll always be able to tell from their smile. The deep connection that comes with a truly loving smile is something that nobody could replicate. These smiles are the most genuine and heartfelt ways of showing someone just how much they mean to you.


Finding your smile can take a bit of time, especially if you feel insecure about your teeth. Our teeth whitening treatments are an effective way to bring the most out of your smile. Book an appointment with us today and unlock your confidence.