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Facts and Myths About Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening London products can, if used correctly, make a difference to the appearance of your teeth. From specialist toothpaste to miraculous mouthwash, the over-the-counter market is saturated with products that all claim to offer a white dazzling smile in a matter of minutes. We look at some of the myths and facts about teeth whitening…Myth – Your Teeth Will Be Pearly White
Teeth are not meant to be bright and shiningly white as you see on some adverts. Life style choices have an impact on how our teeth colour, with the natural tone being off-white, but as we age they can become yellower or greyish in tone. Over the counter teeth whitening products will only help revert your teeth to their original colour so if you’re seeking a quick option for pearly white teeth, you may be disappointed.

Fact – The Only Effective Teeth Whitening Product Is In The Hands Of A Dentist
Because the product used at a professional dental practice uses a stronger concentration of bleaching agent, it is the only product that will give effective and guaranteed results. After professional treatment, your teeth will be visibly lighter and brighter.

Myth – The Results Last Forever
If you love your newly whitened teeth, it makes sense to look after them – this will involve avoiding strongly coloured food and drink such as coffee and red wine as well as giving up smoking. This will help keep your teeth shining for as long as possible.

Fact – Teeth Whitening Will Boost Your Confidence
Your smile is important and if you feel you cannot greet people with a welcoming smile due to stained or blemished teeth, it’s no surprise your self-confidence will be dented. Many patients report feeling and looking much better after teeth whitening treatment, with their esteem and confidence given a significant boost.

Myth – Teeth Whitening Is Not Just For Special Occasions
Having your teeth whitened for special occasions such as a wedding or birthday celebration makes sense, but this doesn’t mean you only have to use this treatment at these times. Many people opt to have their teeth regularly whitened as part of their routine oral health.

Fact – Teeth Whitening Is NOT Painful
If this is the factor that has been putting you off the process, we can assure you that professional teeth whitening is definitely not painful and has minimal risk of side effects.