Wrinkles & Fine Lines


We’re sorry to say that the fountain of youth doesn’t exist - no matter how hard we all try, nobody can stop the ageing process. Even so, there’s no harm in reducing the effects. As all of us grow older, spotting the odd wrinkle in the bathroom mirror becomes more and more frequent. Luckily for you, we’ve got a safe solution to bring back your youthful appearance.

Our treatment uses a long lasting hyaluronic acid-based material that is entirely biocompatible with your body. That means that you can fight those wrinkles without the worry of damaging your facial muscles or expressions. The results are remarkable – after just one session, you can enhance the volume and appearance of your facial contours, most notably around the chin and cheeks. The best part? This treatment is long-lasting, but not permanent. Gradually the material will disintegrate naturally within your body leaving no adverse effects to your appearance or physical health.

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“Our wrinkles and fine line programme is a wonder of modern facial treatment - reversing the effects of aging in a natural, safe and thoroughly effective way.”

Our Approach

Our approach is a simple, uncomplicated and effective one. With our wrinkles and fine lines procedure, we use a special hyaluronic acid-based material that is present naturally in your body. The fact that this substance is part of your biological make-up allows for a much lower risk of allergic reactions and smoother biocompatibility (in fact, we don’t even need to run skin tests before treatment).

After a consultation, we’ll identify the key areas where you wish to see improvement. We use two types of material – restylane and perlane. Perlane contains larger particles and therefore requires deeper injection suitable for furrowed wrinkles or folds to create a more robust facial contour structure that supplies restorative volume. After the necessary application in the discussed treatment areas, your skin will immediately appear visibly improved, structured and glowing. A massive bonus with this procedure is that this material will break down entirely naturally by your body. All of our patients leave our surgery feeling happier with their appearance, safe in the knowledge that the procedure will leave no lasting effects.


As we mentioned before, this non-surgical treatment really is life-changing. The benefits are overwhelming and if you’re suffering from insecurity or damaged self-esteem, this treatment can give your mental health a big boost. Here’s a bullet point list of the undeniable positives:

  • Our wrinkles and fine lines treatment lasts a long time without damaging your face. After 6-12 months, the material will have blended naturally with your body.
  • Your facial expressions and muscles will remain entirely unaffected, unlike other non-natural surgical dermal fillers.
  • As soon as you look in the mirror you’ll see the effects of your treatment. There’s no messing around here!
  • No need to worry about downtime – you can resume normal activities after treatment without fear of instigating side effects.

This revolutionary treatment is undoubtedly one of the most effective natural combatants to ageing we have. If you’re interested in slowing down the development of wrinkles and fine lines, book an appointment at London City Smiles today.

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