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Heart Lips

A huge part of how beautiful a smile looks like lies on the appearance of the lips, which will form a defining frame for pearly white teeth. The overall appearance of a bright and white smile will further be enhanced by lips that are well-shaped and attractively formed; oftentimes, how the lips look can make or break the overall effect of a smile. Lips that start to form lines (because of the natural ageing process) can contribute to a prematurely old appearance; sagging and the deterioration of the lips’ definition can likewise make one look much older than one’s actual age.

A lip augmentation treatment can improve the way the lips look like – and in turn, can provide a marked improvement on the overall appearance of the smile. Dr. Bob Khanna came up with a discovery that the most beautiful women’s smiles featured lips that have discernible clefts, which resulted in a heart or twin lobe shape. These naturally heart shaped lips formed frames for the most attractive smiles, and led Dr. Khanna to develop a revolutionary lip augmentation treatment procedure called Heart Lips. This lip augmentation technique specifically aims to recreate a naturally beautiful heart shape for the lips, resulting in a smile that instantly transforms the face into a more youthful countenance.

What is Heart Lips™?

Heart Lips™ by London City Smiles is a technique in lip augmentation designed by Dr. Bob Khanna, who was inspired by looking at the lips of women who were naturally beautiful. Dr. Khanna discovered that beautiful lips were naturally heart shaped, and had a noticeable cleft on both the lower lip’s mid-line, as well as the upper lip – forming an attractive lobe shape that provides a youthfully attractive frame to the most dazzling smiles.

The Heart Lips lip augmentation technique is done to recreate the naturally beautiful heart shape of the lips with the use of a hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, combined with lidocaine. The Heart Lips treatment is notably suited for youthful women whose faces have a tapered, oval shape – to create a naturally beautiful appearance that will bring out the sensuality and overall femininity of the smiles.

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