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The condition of our skin has a profound effect on the way we feel. It’s one of the first things that people notice about each other, so having healthy and good-looking skin will always make us feel more comfortable and confident. The best way to achieve beautiful skin is taking care of it in the right way by using the right skincare products.

Our recommended skincare range is from Obagi. Their products use innovative dermatological technology derived from bio-mass ingredients to provide naturally radiant skin. Each part of the collection targets a specific skincare issue, so whether you’re looking for younger skin, larger lashes or everyday skincare, Obagi has a product specifically for you.

Our team of skincare professionals will be able to work with you to discover the best products for your skincare regime. We put our patients’ specific needs at the heart of our skincare consultations to guarantee that they get the right skincare treatment for you.

All On 4 Dental Implants

ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTSDelivering confidence boosting treatment for our patients is at the very heart of what London City Smiles is all about. Missing teeth aren’t just detrimental to your oral health - the mental effects can be huge too. If you’re looking for a long term solution for your missing teeth, taking up

Are Implants Right For Me

No one wants to have to deal with being toothless for a long period of time. When tooth loss occurs, it is normal to want to find the quickest and most effective solution possible, so you will not have to go through your daily tasks without the teeth that are essential parts of your smile.

Meet Dr Balwant Vekaria

Dr Balwant Vekaria offers single and multiple implant placement with unique and innovative techniques and has provided thousands of implants for patients who have been advised that implant treatment is impossible in their case. He specialises in same day implants for patients with single or multiple teeth and for everyone who is looking for a

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