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Emergency E-Consultation

During these challenging times of isolation, the oral health of our patients remains our priority. Due to social distancing and isolation, visiting your dentist is near impossible.

We want to continue to help, not only our existing customer base but all new patients as well.

For that reason, following the recent guidance on COVID-19 from NHS England and the Dental Chief Officer, we are only operating on telephone triage service and we are offering FREE e-consultation via phone or email.

Complete our short form explaining your dental concern or query. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Medical History

High or low blood pressureHeart MurmurStrokeParalysis Artificial Heart ValveAnginaAsthma/ BronchitisHay fever or eczemaBrain surgeryNeurological (nerve) diseasesArthritisHIVHepatitis / JaundiceLiver or Kidney diseaseFainting attacks/giddinessBlackouts or epilepsy


AnticoagulantsBisphosphonates for bonesOsteoporosisOther


Are You A Smoker?
Are You A Drinker?

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Any new continuous cough?
Temperature above 37.8°C?
Shortness of breath?
Self-isolating/has symptoms/anyone in family has symptoms/living with a Covid-19 positive person indoors/over 70 years old/has one or multiple underlying medical history risk?
Covid-19 positive diagnosis?

Find out on our blog some tips to help manage dental problems until you can see the dentist.

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