Same Day Teeth

The benefits of dental implants can have a huge impact on how you can smile, and how you can enjoy daily tasks such as eating food, and speaking. Dental implants will, however, need a healing period wherein the implants will be given time to fully integrate with the surrounding tissues – before teeth restorations can be attached, and before the implants can be used to their full potential.

Would you like to have dental implants that can let you enjoy all the benefits within the same day? Are you interested in having dental implants that you can use to the fullest immediately – within the same day they are placed? Same day teeth with dental implants make it possible for you to enjoy the implants with immediate results that are long-lasting and reliable.
What Are Same Day Teeth With Dental Implants?

Same day teeth with dental implants is a method of placing multiple dental implants in the upper and lower jaws, along with the corresponding teeth restorations, within the same day. The implants and the teeth restorations can also be used immediately within the same day of placement.

Same day teeth with dental implants offer great solutions for missing teeth, especially in cases when the patient’s jaw bone structure is not sufficient for the placement of traditional dental implants. Same day teeth with dental implants can be placed without the need for a bone grafting procedure..

Benefits of Same Day Teeth with Dental Implants

Same day teeth with dental implants allow you to enjoy the use of the implants and teeth restorations in the same day that they are placed- without having to wait for months for the implants to be fully integrated with the surrounding tissues. There is also no need to use temporary teeth restorations, or to go without teeth, while waiting for the implants to be fully healed and integrated. With a single visit to the dentist, you can have the benefits of a brand-new smile that will last for a very long time.

The placement of same day teeth dental implants requires less invasive procedures, since there is no need for a complicated procedure such as a bone grafting procedure. Since there are no invasive procedures associated with the placement of same day teeth dental implants, there is little to no downtime needed, so you can go back to your normal activities immediately after the implant placement procedure.

Same day teeth with dental implants provide quick and efficient results for missing teeth. You will not have to wait for a long period of time to fully enjoy the advantages of dental implants (unlike traditional dental implants, which require an average of a few months to be fully healed). Same day teeth with dental implants can be attached to the teeth restorations within the same day, so that you can immediately enjoy the replacements for your natural teeth that have gone missing.

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