Same Day Teeth


Getting perfect teeth shouldn’t have to take lots of time and money. Our dental implant treatments are a cost-effective procedure completed on the same day you come in. They provide great-looking teeth and the confidence to give the world a smile!

Same day teeth with dental implants is achieved by placing multiple implants into the upper and lower jaws, along with corresponding teeth restorations, all within one appointment. This non-invasive procedure allows you to enjoy the benefits of new teeth without the months it takes for other implant options to integrate with the surrounding tissues.

The non-invasive nature of this procedure makes it a fantastic option for those who have an unsuitable jaw structure to conduct a bone grafting process. It is also incredibly beneficial to those who suffer from dental anxiety or any other issues relating to their dental history. This painless and efficient procedure doesn’t require any downtime to recover and allows you to make full use of your brand-new replacement teeth from the very first day!

“Same day teeth are a fantastic option for those that need dental implants without the complications presented by alternative options. It’s all the name – brand new teeth in one day!”

Our Approach

Before we conduct your same day teeth procedure, we will assess the treatment areas by conducting a scan. This scan allows us to custom-design a crown which will perfectly replace the tooth that has been lost. Our state-of-the-art 3D printer then produces the crown, which takes no more than 15-30 mins. During this time, we will talk you through the fitting procedure and discuss any other concerns or dental issues you might have.

The second part of the procedure involves placing a bridge attachment with the replacement teeth inserted into it onto the jawbone with a dental fixing solution. This method is the vital difference between same day teeth and other implant options as it doesn’t require any bone grafting or sinus lift surgeries, which are more complicated and painful. Same day teeth don’t require any recovery time, or the months it takes for implants to become fully-fitted into the mouth by integrating with any surrounding tissue.


Same day teeth are a fantastic choice for those that do not want the additional complications that come with other implant procedures. The non-invasive process requires no recovery time or the need to wear temporary teeth, as you would have to do with surgical procedures. This makes same day teeth a great option for those that do not have a suitable jaw structure for such treatments, and for those that suffer with dental anxiety or complications from previous dental treatment.

As well as being a non-invasive procedure, same day teeth are a cheaper option which allow you to enjoy the benefits of teeth replacements the very same day that you come into the dentist!

Looking to get brand new teeth in one day? Book an appointment with us now! Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

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