Missing Teeth Scenarios


It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a single tooth or your entire set, the negative effects of missing teeth can be disastrous for your oral health and self-esteem.

Missing teeth can lead to bone deterioration in the immediate vicinity and impact the health of other teeth in your mouth. This can also impact your smile and cause your speech to sound distorted, inarticulate and hesitant. The answer? Addressing the problem quickly with our dental implants.

Bringing back your smile doesn’t have to be complicated – our implants work brilliantly at the front, middle and back of your mouth. The processes we use are quick, effective and enduring, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a full smile without any extra worries. The implants and dental crowns perfectly replicate your lost tooth both aesthetically and practically. Whether you’re missing a few teeth in the back of your mouth or a single one at the front, we can bring back that confident, sparkling smile in no time at all.

"Our dental implants procedure is enduring, efficient and brilliantly effective. This truly is a life-altering procedure for anyone suffering from missing teeth problems."

Our Approach

Our approach when it comes to dentures is effective and efficient. First things first, we’ll sit you down for a consultation and take the time to talk about your teeth and what needs fixing. Anything you don’t understand or you’re anxious about can be discussed at length with our dental professionals until you’re satisfied. After analysing your teeth and jaw bone structure, we’ll proceed with the surgery. To ensure you’re comfortable during the treatment, you’ll have some local anesthetic to stop any pain. Our special titanium screw implants will then be embedded directly into your jawbone and will act as a strong anchor when we attach the dental crowns.

In terms of time and recovery, a lot depends on how many teeth we’re replacing. If you’re replacing one tooth, the surgery normally takes a couple of hours and takes around two to four months to fully recover from. Multiple teeth or your entire set will likely take a few extra sessions and require a longer period of time for recovery. Don’t worry though – the wait will be more than worth it.


The benefits that come with solving your missing teeth problems are truly life-changing. We use the very best technology to ensure you’ve got implants to last a lifetime. Here’s a few of the most striking advantages:


  • Implants improve your smile, speech and general self-esteem.
  • Eating food is smooth and uncomplicated.
  • No matter your situation, our dental implants can fix all types of missing teeth problems.
  • Results are long-lasting and require few dental check-ups.
  • Replacing missing teeth stops deterioration of other healthy teeth in the mouth.
  • Recovery time isn’t too long compared to other procedures.


If you’ve been affected by the traumas of missing teeth – you’re not alone. Many people feel those negative effects, but there is a way to fix it. Dental implants provide a simple solution to a complicated problem and can alter your life for the better. Whatever your situation, contact us on 020 7837 2300 for more information.

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