Missing Teeth Scenarios

The loss of a single tooth can result to almost the same problems as the loss of more teeth. A single tooth missing can have a negative impact on how your smile appears, especially if the missing tooth is located in the front part of your mouth, where it is readily visible whenever you open your mouth to smile, or to speak.

A single missing tooth should be addressed in the quickest and most effective way possible – even if it is just one tooth. Aside from the aesthetic impact that it can have, a single tooth lost can also lead to bone deterioration in the immediate vicinity – which may have adverse effects on the other remaining healthy teeth, especially if the tooth loss is not addressed soon enough.

Do you have one missing tooth, and would like to find a solution for this problem? Are you looking for ways to bridge a small gap in your smile caused by the loss of one tooth? A dental implant can provide you with the most effective solution for the single tooth loss, and can bring back the complete looking smile you have previously enjoyed.

Dental Implant for 1 Missing Tooth
A dental implant can be used to provide the most effective solution for single missing tooth; the implant and a dental crown will be able to replace the form and the function of the missing tooth, rendering your smile complete once more. Dental implants and crowns are especially beneficial in cases when the single missing tooth is located in the front part of the mouth, which can make the small space very obvious to other people when your mouth is opened; a single dental implant, however, can also be used to replace a missing tooth even in the back part of the mouth the implant with dental crown can also work wonders in restoring proper speech function, which may have been affected by the lost tooth.

Multiple Missing Teeth Options

Suffering from multiple missing teeth can bring numerous problems when it comes to your appearance – and to your overall dental health as well. The gaping spaces on your mouth left by the missing teeth can make your smile look vastly incomplete, while dental health problems may also arise from the loss of several teeth

The issue of multiple missing teeth will need to be addressed in the quickest way possible, to ensure that no further complications can arise from the situation; finding an effective solution to multiple missing teeth will also ensure that you will still be able to enjoy bright smiles even after suffering the loss of several teeth.

Are you embarrassed to smile or to open your mouth, because you know that the huge gap caused by multiple missing teeth will be too obvious? Do you find it hard to speak properly due to the missing teeth? Are you having a hard time chewing your food because of the gaps left by missing teeth? Read on to know more about your options for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants are ideal for solving the problems caused by multiple missing teeth. The titanium dental implants will be embedded directly onto the jaw bone, and will form a firm anchor where the dental crowns (as tooth restorations) can be attached to. The use of dental implants to replace several missing teeth will prevent bone deterioration from setting in, and will vastly improve your appearance, as multiple missing teeth can make your mouth and cheek areas look hollowed out or sunken. The dental implants will make it possible for you to speak properly without encountering difficulties in enunciating syllables and words; the implants will also allow you to chew your food properly, without exerting too much effort and friction on your gum areas.

All Teeth Missing Options

The problem of missing several teeth can result to numerous challenges in your daily life – and those challenges are made even more difficult when all teeth have been lost. The normal daily tasks of chewing food, speaking, and even smiling can be very difficult to almost impossible to do without any teeth, and can make you look older than your actual age.

The loss of all teeth may be caused by a number of factors, including gum disease, severe tooth decay, accidents, or injuries; all teeth missing may also be the effect of medical conditions or illnesses. A feeling of helplessness may be felt when dealing with all teeth missing, but there is still hope in restoring your dazzling smiles even if you are suffering from the loss of all your teeth!.

Have you lost all of your natural teeth due to gum problems, or other medical conditions? Do you find it hard to chew your food, speak properly, or even to smile because you do not have all of your natural teeth? You can have a better quality of life with one of the missing teeth options – and you can still look forward to years of enjoying wonderful smiles.

Dentures for All Teeth Missing

Dentures have often been thought of as the only solution to all teeth missing problems. The dentures can replace the form and function of all teeth that have been lost, and can make tasks such as eating, chewing, speaking, or smiling much easier to do (compared with a toothless condition). However, there are a number of issues that can make it difficult for you to enjoy dentures for a long period of time.

With the passage of time, dentures have a tendency to become loose; this is because the deterioration of the jaw bone in areas where teeth have been lost can affect the way the dentures fit inside the mouth. The natural movement of the gums can also affect the way the dentures fit over time. Loose dentures can result to embarrassment especially when they move uncontrollably inside the mouth; ill-fitting dentures can also rub painfully against the soft tissues of the inner mouth.

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