In-House 3D Dental CT Scan (EWOO)


At London City Smiles, we’re always looking at advancements in technology to ensure we deliver the best possible dental treatment. Our revolutionary In-House 3D Dental CT Scan (EWOO) is just one example of our commitment to making your implant treatment as smooth as possible. This means that when you come to us for your surgery, you won’t have to attend any other dentistry to get those essential images of your teeth and jaw.

Our 3D Dental CT Scan uses EWOO software to produce detailed three dimensional images of your jawbone and entire oral cavity. These detailed pictures provide our dentist with the knowledge to make exact diagnoses and conduct effective treatment planning. 

With the help of these images, your treatment time will also be significantly reduced, especially if you’re receiving new implants. From your perspective, seeing a detailed, visual image of your teeth structure is incredibly helpful for your understanding of the treatment. This in-house piece of technology has transformed the way we conduct our treatment planning and has taken our patient experience to an entirely different level.

"Our In-House 3D Dental CT Scans uses EWOO software to get a better understanding of your teeth, ensuring your treatment is fast, accurate and effective."

Our Approach

Before assessing your treatment, we’ll sit you down to discuss the way forward and the details of our procedures. After this discussion, we use our 3D Dental CT Scan to take a detailed picture of your teeth and jaw structure. Unlike an MRI scanner, you’ll be sitting in our machine and you won’t have to lie down. Within a fast and convenient length of time we’ll sit you down within the scanner and the machine will get to work.

The scanner will send out x-ray beams through your mouth in order to produce detailed images of your teeth and bone density. Don’t worry – this method is proven to be entirely safe and remarkably accurate. Looking for any anomalies or peculiarities about the results, our dentists will then analyse the pictures and discuss the treatment with you further. If you’re having implants, our staff will use the images to find sensitive points in your mouth and jaw that need to be avoided. After these detailed analyses, our dentists can get straight to work on your treatment.


The benefits that come with this pretreatment analysis are incredibly helpful for both the dentist and patient. Here are a few reasons why we think our In-House 3D Dental CT Scan will change your dental experience for the good:


  • A quick, easy and satisfying patient experience.
  • The process is entirely safe for patients.
  • CT scans drastically reduce the time needed for treatment – sometimes by weeks.
  • Our scans produce exceptionally detailed images, meaning we have a better understanding of your teeth.
  • Implant placement accuracy is optimised massively and eliminates the risks that come with the surgery.
  • The entire process occurs in our own dentistry with no out of house appointments required.


If you’re interested in having a CT Scan in preparation for your dental surgery, especially implants, make sure you get in contact with us on 020 7837 2300.

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