Dental Implant Related Treatments


Everybody’s different when it comes to teeth. We can completely understand the frustration of those suffering from missing teeth problems or loose dentures. Luckily, we can help you out.

Implants are a fantastic way to create some stability in your mouth and fix all those teeth or denture problems you may be experiencing. Depending on your situation, your dental implant surgery may require some additional procedures to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

These extra surgeries come in many forms and may be needed before or after the initial treatment. Our goal is to be as effective, efficient and meticulous as possible and that’s why every patient that walks out of our doors has a gleaming, dazzling smile.

"Our meticulous dental implant related treatments ensure that - no matter your situation - implant surgery goes as smoothly as possible."

Our Approach

Ahead of all of our implant procedures, we make sure to sit patients down and take them through the planned treatment. If you have any questions, we’ll only be too happy to answer them.


Overdentures are types of dentures that are firmly secured into dental implants. When the implants are placed into the jawbone, we will anchor overdentures into place by attaching them to the implant’s abutments. In contrast to standard dentures, overdentures provide a firm and stable missing tooth solution. 


Bone grafting

For patients who do not have the correct amount of bone mass for implant placement, bone grafting may be necessary. This process augments the bone in which the implant will be placed, ensuring there is enough space. In rare instances, if there is little space for implant placement, sinus grafting may be necessary on the upper jaw area.


Nerve repositioning

For patients who may have bone deterioration in the jaw, implant surgery may not be possible without nerve repositioning. The inferior alveolar nerve provides feeling to your chin and lower lip areas and will need to be moved or repositioned in order to undergo the implant treatment.


Gum grafting

Gum recession can also cause issues when attempting implant surgery. In these cases, we make sure to use gum tissue from the patient’s palette to enlarge the area where soft tissue grafting is needed. This grafting procedure will ensure the development of healthy gum tissue, which therefore leads to stronger anchorage for dental implants.


The benefits that come with meticulous and thorough surgery can’t be overlooked. We try everything we can to ensure that your implant surgery is a success, and these additional surgeries are part of that effort. Here’s a summary of the benefits:


  • More durable and longer lasting implants.
  • Surgeries are comfortable, quick and effective.
  • Added treatment drastically increases the success rate of implants.
  • Reduces the risk of hitting nerves while placing implants.


If you’re interested in fixing your missing tooth problems, implants are the perfect solution. With these additional surgeries, we can ensure that your implant treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Get in touch with London City Smiles and book an appointment today.

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