Dental Implant Brands

The use of dental implants as missing teeth solutions can have a hugely beneficial impact not only on your smiles, but on the overall quality of your life as well. The benefits that dental implants can have on your life will greatly be maximised with the help of your dental surgeon – and with the help of the best possible dental implant type for your specific implant needs.
The formulation of your dental implant treatment plan will involve a healthy and comprehensive discussion with your dentist or dental surgeon, about the entire implant procedure and what each step will include. The type and/or brand of dental implant may also be discussed at this point – and it would be best if you have valuable information about the different brands of dental implants used nowadays, so that you can make the smartest decisions when it comes to choosing which dental implant brand is best for your needs and goals.


Here is a list of the most common dental implant brands available nowadays, and a brief description of each brand’s merits:

Ankylos dental implants have been used by dental implant surgeons for more than 20 years, to provide beautiful smiles to those who have previously suffered from missing teeth. The Ankylos dental implant system is guaranteed to provide long-lasting results, with teeth restorations that look and function just like normal teeth. The patented Ankylos TissueCare Connection features a precisely engineered cylindrical taper that ensures a secure fit, so that the connection between the implant and the abutment will not be compromised.

Dentsply Friadent dental implants are made from pure titanium, and are thus known for their excellent strength. The Dentsply Friadent Plus technology has been proven to promote ossointegration, so that jaw bone quality can be improved – and more predictably successful results can be expected from the dental implant placement procedure.

Camlog dental implant systems feature the patented Tube-in-Tube design, guaranteed to provide a mechanically secure and accurate connection between the implant itself and the abutment; the design of Camlog dental implants also feature anti-rotational stability. Camlog implant systems are also known for their easy handling properties, allowing dentists and dental surgeons to go through the entire implant placement with ease.

OSSTEM implants are proven to promote excellent ossointegration between the implant itself, and the surrounding bone tissue. OSSTEM implant systems are guaranteed to have superior cleanliness, and are completely free from any residual substances.

Straumann implants are designed to reduce healing time, and are proven to obtain optimal tissue response. Straumann implant systems have a Morse taper connection which guarantees maximum implant stability.

Tatum implant systems are designed to be exceptionally strong and resistant to fracture, enabling a greatly simplified restorative process. Tatum dental implants also maximise the use of available or existing jaw bone structure.

Nobel Biocare implant systems are produced from commercially pure titanium, and are cold-worked for unmatched durability and strength. The proprietary surface, called TiUnite, produces benefits in bone formation and integration, as well as superior implant stability.

AstraTech Dental implants are designed for immediate and dental restoration, with predictable results and outstanding aesthetics. AstraTech Dental implants are also designed to use just one system for all dental implant concerns.

BioHorizons has seven dental implant systems which cover virtually all prosthetic and surgical indication. BioHorizons implants also carry a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing superior long-lasting results.

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