Dental Bridge Vs Dental Implants

A dental bridge can also be an option to replace the single missing tooth; however, there are certain complications that may arise from this procedure. The use of a dental bridge will require the alteration of the neighbouring teeth (the teeth on both sides of the gap where the single tooth lost is located), so that the bridge can be fitted more comfortably and more accurately. This alteration can leave healthy teeth structure damaged.

The dental implant will be drilled directly onto the jaw bone where the single missing tooth is located, and will firmly be anchored to the bone. The implant will then be attached to a single dental crown, which will serve as the replacement of the tooth that has been lost. The result is a complete looking smile free from unsightly gaps or spaces. The use of a dental implant and a single dental crown will also preserve the quality and health of the surrounding teeth, and will prevent bone deterioration from occurring.

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