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Why Invest in a Custom Made Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are dental appliances or devices that are there to protect your teeth from serious accidents, trauma or teeth grinding. You may feel like part of a comedy act when you wear one but it can prevent you from damaging your teeth and mouth in many situations. For many, especially for sport, mouth guards are a must have to make sure you don’t end up without any teeth at all.If you play basketball, boxing, football, rugby or are a serial teeth grinder then you need a custom made mouth guard. Say goodbye to the store bought, ill fitting, gum rubbing mouth guard. We think you should invest in a Custom Made Mouth Guard and here is why:

Moulded to Your Mouth
With a mouth guard moulded professionally and exactly to your mouth shape you will no longer have to worry about it falling out during sport. There is nothing worse than running around a hockey pitch and having to constantly pick your mouth guard out of the dirt. It isn’t hygienic and it isn’t attractive. With a mouth guard that is moulded exactly to your mouth you know you are going to get the best comfort and protection. You also know that it won’t be falling out all over the place.

Have your name printed inside your custom made mouth guard. This may sound like a pointless feature if it is fitted firmly inside your mouth so no one can see it. However, if you’re a parent you will know how easy it is for your child to come home from school with uniform that isn’t theirs and isn’t even the right colour. We at London City Smiles can offer a range of personalised mouth guards in different sizes, colours and with different purposes. Instead of spending hours searching the school field or changing rooms for your son or daughters mouth guard, find it with ease when they have their name printed on the inside.

Advice from the Dentist
What you definitely will not get with a shop bought, impersonalised mouth guard is advice. You won’t get to enjoy a lovely trip to the dentist and be told how to clean, how to store and when to wear your mouth guard. Trust your dentist to know exactly what kind, which mould and what information you need when you are getting a mouth guard fitted.
If you need a mouth guard and are looking for it to be custom made then contact us and book an appointment with London City Smiles.