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Dental crowns and bridges, Islington, North London

If you’re looking for stunning yet affordable crowns and bridges in Islington, North London, the expert team at our highly-rated dental clinic can help.

Our cosmetic dentists are highly skilled and experienced and will be happy to restore your smile, aided by our superb, state-of-the-art technology.

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What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns are dental restorations designed to look like the visible top sections of natural teeth. They are either fitted over weakened natural teeth to strengthen and protect them or used in combination with a dental implant to form a complete tooth replacement solution.

Dental bridges are another option for replacing missing teeth. They are typically formed of a dental crown on either side of one or more artificial teeth (called pontics). The two side crowns are fitted to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap, allowing the pontic(s) to sit comfortably in between.

The benefits of crowns:

The benefits of bridges:

How it works

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Dental crowns and bridges FAQs

How long do crowns and bridges last?

If well looked after, crowns and bridges can last for many years. A good oral hygiene routine, including daily brushing and flossing, will help extend their longevity.

How many appointments does the procedure take?

The process for both crowns and bridges generally involves two treatment appointments at the clinic.

The first usually allows the dentist to carry out the preparation work and take impressions of the surrounding area. These are then sent to a laboratory where the restorations are created.

Once they are ready, the return visit is made for the final fitting to take place.

How long is the recovery period after fitting?

Slight discomfort, pressure or sensitivity can sometimes be experienced for a few days after fitting. It is important to be careful over what you eat in the first week and avoid foods that are hard or sticky.

After this initial period, the discomfort will pass and the crown or bridge will feel and perform like your natural teeth.

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