A cosmetic dentistry procedure can do wonders in the improvement of one’s smile. However, it is natural to feel apprehensive and hesitant with the idea of going through a treatment – especially if it is difficult to imagine what the end result will be like. Even with the explanations given by a dentist, it will help if one can have a clear visualisation of what the dental treatment’s result will be like – and this is what a trial smile is all about.


A trial smile enables patients to actually see what the end result of their cosmetic dentistry treatment will be like – even before the actual treatment can start. It enables patients to have a clear vision of what they can expect once the procedure has been completed, and can help in making the decision to go through with the cosmetic dentistry treatment. The clear image of what the treatment will result to can bring peace of mind and reassurance to those who are unclear of what to expect about a dental treatment or procedure – and instills confidence on the expected outcome.

The trial smile can also encourage an individual to request for any adjustments to be made, even before the treatment starts – so that the end result will be one that perfectly matches what he or she desires. This will eliminate any disappointments as far as what the brand new smile will look like – and will ensure that there will be very minimal to no changes needed after the whole cosmetic dentistry procedure is completed.