Tooth Contouring


The little things you notice about your teeth can have a huge effect on the way you see your smile. If only you could make them into the exact shape you wanted – well, you can! Tooth contouring is the process of changing the shape and contours of your teeth to improve the whole appearance of your smile.

A large part of the way your teeth look and feel comes down to their shape and contours. The shape can affect the way they appear, as well as the way that they sit in in the mouth. Contours are the finer details on the surface of the tooth, which whilst small, can have huge differences to your smile once adjusted.

These aspects aren’t only important to the appearance of your smile, but also to the way your teeth function. Any misshapen teeth that have been difficult to clean or have been causing overlaps and biting issues can be corrected with tooth contouring.

Tooth contouring is a process which can change both aspects and give you your dream smile. It involves removing small layers of the tooth’s surface enamel. This is a largely painless procedure and doesn’t require any anaesthesia to conduct. You will be able to continue with normal activities following the treatment, just with a much better smile than you had before!

“Teeth contouring allows you to shape your teeth – making your smile look better and feel better. Plus, it can correct some dental problems too. A great number of our patients have been very happy with their results.”

Our Approach

Our patient’s comfort and care are essential to the way we conduct ourselves. We like to work with you and discuss the areas that you want to adjust in your smile, talking you through the details of the teeth contouring procedure. The areas that are identified for improvement will be treated by removing small layers of enamel. This is usually conducted with a small dental tool which brushes the enamel off. Once the procedure is finished, we will be happy to make small adjustments depending on your feelings about the work we have done and your dental circumstance. We must say though, almost every one of our patients smile their way out of our dentistry following the first procedure!

Benefits of Tooth Contouring

Teeth contouring is a fantastic way to change the way your teeth look and feel. The shaping and contouring that form this procedure can transform the appearance of your whole smile. Being happy with the appearance of your teeth can have a massive positive effect on your confidence. However, teeth contouring can also be used to address dental issues too. These include:

  • Correcting overlaps
  • Improving your biting action
  • Improving your speech function
  • Enabling easier maintenance of dental hygiene
  • Correcting misshapen teeth that cause pain in the mouth

The correction that tooth contouring can bring to your dental health are vital to maintaining positive dental health. It’s a painless procedure that deals with a number of issues, so it shouldn’t be seen as a purely aesthetic treatment. Its multiple purposes mean that it is a great option to make your teeth look better, feel better and work better!

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