Teeth Stain Removal


White teeth are something that most people aspire to – it’s easy to see why. Discolouration on your enamel can dull the appearance of your teeth and make you less confident in your smile. These stains can be caused by several reasons, but the important thing is that they can be removed. Teeth stain removal is a great way to clean up your teeth and brighten up your smile.

Teeth stains disrupt the surface of your tooth and discolour the enamel. Unfortunately, they can be caused by a number of things including ageing, consuming acidic foods and drinks, medication and smoking. When these stains have reached a certain level of discolouration, they can no longer be helped by ordinary whitening products, such as whitening toothpaste or mouthwash.

Whitening procedures such as tooth stain removal are crucial to removing these stains and bringing a white, healthy appearance back to your teeth. They are the most effective way of making sure that stains are fully removed without harming the tooth’s enamel. This procedure can provide an appearance which is shades whiter than pre-treatment, giving you healthy-looking teeth and confidence in your radiant new smile!

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“Teeth stain removal doesn’t just make your teeth look healthy and white; it helps you to keep them that way by creating a clean-slate for your dental hygiene.”

Our Approach

We will discuss the areas of stains you are unhappy with and establish a shade that you would like to achieve. We will talk you through the procedure which involves laser technology to remove the stains. This involves using a peroxide-based gel which we apply to the stain; this gel is then activated by a specialised laser tool which whitens the teeth with incredible results.

Often teeth stain removal can take less than an hour’s appointment. This is because the technology we use is so effective and we are specialists in the process. Your teeth will be shades whiter than before and give you a renewed confidence in your smile. The results of teeth stain removal are long-lasting when combined with the appropriate dental hygiene practices.

Benefits of Teeth Stain Removal

Teeth stain removal is a fantastic option for those that suffer with discoloured teeth. The procedure brings a healthy, white look back to your smile and will revitalise your confidence. Alongside this there are many other benefits including:

  • Removing plaque from your teeth which can cause teeth erosion
  • Provides a broader look to your teeth to widen your natural smile
  • A fresh and clean feeling in the mouth
  • Long-lasting effects for your smile
  • Removal of stains and plaque helps to maintain hygiene

The effects of teeth stain removal reach much further than whitening your teeth. The ‘clean-slate’ that stain removal provides for your teeth will also make it easier for you to maintain your dental hygiene. The whiteness of your enamel gives you a better reference to recognise when your teeth aren’t at their healthiest. Your mouth will feel healthy, refreshed and clean after undergoing this simple procedure. So, not only will your smile look great, it will feel great too!

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