Hollywood Smile

A bright smile can make or break the appearance of one’s smile; in some cases, the attractiveness of the smile can also have a huge impact not only on aesthetics, but also on how a person can lead a better quality of life. A smile that is worthy of being admired and recognised, just like the smiles that grace the faces of famous celebrities, can even open doors to ahost of opportunities that can make the difference between success and a mediocre existence.

The smiles that you thought can only be seen in Hollywood can actually be yours as well, with the Hollywood Smile treatment by the London City Smiles. You can look forward to vastly improving the appearance of your smile, with the help of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are specifically designed to address your unique aesthetic concerns. A Hollywood Smile treatment will result to smiles that you can confidently flash whenever you wish to do so – with a confidence that can rival even those of the brightest Hollywood celebrities!

A Hollywood Smile can be achieved with a combination of the cosmetic dentistry treatments below, which can be done to address the specific aspects of one’s smile that needs to be improved:


Teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry treatments are done to address issues on stained or discoloured teeth, which can have a negative impact on the appearance of the smile.

Discolourations or stains may be caused by the natural aging process, smoking, or the use of tobacco products, or tooth decay; these stains or discolourations can make one look prematurely old, and can dim the attractiveness of an otherwise nice looking smile. Once the brightness or whiteness of the teeth is achieved, a great looking smile is not far behind.


Orthodontics can be used in a Hollywood Smile treatment to address concerns about teeth that are improperly aligned, or are crooked. A number of orthodontic treatments are available depending on the patient’s specific needs and desires; nowadays, the teeth straightening treatment can even be done in a discreet manner with clear/invisible braces, providing patients the opportunity to have their teeth straightened without the embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal wires and brackets.


Dental veneers are customised shells that look very much like the appearance of natural teeth. The veneers are used in a Hollywood Smile treatment to improve the appearance of teeth that have imperfections, such as damage due to tooth decay, cracks, or chips; the dental veneers can even be used to address teeth stains or discolourations, gaps between teeth, and minor teeth alignment concerns.


Dental crowns are caps that are used to cover an affected tooth, to improve its overall appearance. These caps very closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth to achieve a natural looking Hollywood Smile, and can even be used to improve the function of teeth that have decay or damage, stains or discolourations, or teeth that are badly or irregularly shaped.

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