Gummy Smile Treatment

It is frustrating to have a smile that involves more gum tissue that what is deemed to be normal, which can make the teeth look much smaller – and making the smile look unnatural. A gummy smile can take away the impact of an otherwise great-looking smile due to the fact that more of the gums are visible when a person smiles, and less of the teeth structure that should take center stage in a smile.

Do you see more of your gums than your teeth when you smile? Are you conscious of the way your smile appears, because you know that your smile features more of your gums – and less of your dazzling white teeth?

Gummy smiles can be improved with laser gum reshaping, gum contouring, or crown lengthening treatments which work to alter the shape or size of the gums – so that the teeth can be shown in their natural splendour.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile shows much more gum tissue, compared to the teeth, when you smile, or even open your mouth so speak this can result in a smile that can look unnatural, making the teeth look very small in the process.

Listed below are some of the causes that can lead to a gummy smile:

  • Worn teeth, which can make the size of the teeth a lot smaller than what is normally acceptable
  • A high lip line (or a short upper lip), which causes more of the gums to be visible even when the lips are at rest
  • Teeth that are much smaller compared to the length and size of the gums that support them; this can be caused by worn teeth, or by genetic factors
  • Teeth that have not fully erupted (or teeth that have passively erupted) from the gums will look unnaturally small, and can in turn make the gums look abnormally big in comparison
  • Skeletal deformities of the jaw bone, such as the upper jaw bone’s vertical overgrowth
  • Lip elevator muscle that is hyperactive
  • One or more of the factors mentioned above combined, resulting to the development of a gummy smile

A gummy smile can be addressed with a laser gum contouring or gum reshaping procedure, which can effectively alter the shape or size of the gums. The gum reshaping procedure will also be effective in successfully lengthening the size of the teeth, so your smile will look more natural – and will feature more of the teeth structure, and less of your gums.

In cases when a high lip line is the factor causing the gummy smile problem, plastic surgery for the lips can be done to alter the position of the upper lip; this results to the upper lip covering more of the gums and teeth area, so that the gummy smile is addressed. A botulinum toxin treatment can also be done to improve a hyperactive lip elevator muscle, so that the lips can provide a normal-looking frame to a smile that looks as great as it can possibly be.


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