Gummy Smile Treatment


It can be frustrating to impact what would otherwise be a beautiful smile with excess gums. When you smile, you want your teeth (and not your gums) to get people’s attention! Getting treatment for a gummy smile helps to address this problem and make your teeth the main attraction!

Gummy smile treatment helps to remove the appearance of excess gums, extend the look of your teeth – improving your whole smile! A gummy smile makes your teeth look a lot shorter due to an excess of gum tissue. This can be caused by several reasons, including worn teeth, a high lip line or short upper lip or underdeveloped.

It is because each case is unique that there are a few treatments which can help to correct it.  The two main approaches consist of giving the lip more volume to cover the gums, or lengthening the teeth by reshaping the gums. These will be chosen depending on the specificities of your circumstance. However, despite the method used to treat a gummy smile, both will give the results of an improved and natural looking smile!

“Gummy smile treatment improves your smile by balancing your teeth and gums, helping your new, healthy-looking smile to beam! ”

Our Approach

We will invite you for an initial assessment, where we work with you to identify the best treatment option. Once this has been agreed upon, we will talk you through the processes of the chosen procedure to make sure you are comfortable before you proceed. If the lip needs to be altered, this will involve altering the position of your upper lip to cover the excess gum, or injecting a filler into the lip to the same effect.

Alternatively, if you require gum reshaping, we will undertake a laser contouring procedure. This will help to reshape your excess gum and lengthen the tooth structure to provide a beautiful and natural-looking smile! You will be given an anaesthetic, and then we use a specialised laser tool to alter the edges of your gum. Once this is complete, we will provide you with the best ways to help your gums to heal.

Both of these treatment plans are highly successful, and will provide an effective solution to your gummy smile.

Benefits of Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy smile treatment is an effective way to deal with excess gums which provide an unnatural-looking smile. The contouring of excess gum tissue or the altering and volumising of your upper lip can help to achieve this. Improving your smile with gummy smile treatment will give you the confidence it takes to give the world a smile!

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