Future Veneers

Imperfections on the teeth, regardless of how small they may be, can lessen the brightness of a person’s smile – especially if the tooth damage or imperfection is located in an area where it can readily be seen when the mouth is opened. Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental veneers can address the imperfections, so that the damage is corrected – and brighter smiles can be enjoyed once more. The dental veneers treatment can make the necessary improvements both in the aesthetic and functional aspects of one’s smile – but the treatment may not be something that everyone will willingly have. Some individuals may feel hesitant about a dental veneers procedure because of the need to remove some of the healthy tooth structure, as part of the preparation for the dental veneers placement. Future Veneers eliminate the need for the removal of precious tooth structure – while still providing the desired cosmetic dentistry improvement in an effective manner.

The Power of Future Veneers

Future Veneers can be placed over the affected teeth to improve the appearance (or even function), without the need for removal of tooth structure; this is a significant improvement compared to the traditional way dental veneers are attached, which involved the removal of essential tooth structure. Future veneers can dramatic results to problems concerning the appearance of the affected teeth, bringing brand new smiles that can do wonders to boost one’s self-confidence.

Future veneers can be used to achieve the following cosmetic dentistry results:

  • Improvement/whitening of teeth colour
  • Teeth straightening
  • Teeth re-shaping
  • Repair of chipped or stained teeth
  • Correction of gaps and spaces between the teeth
Benefits of Future Veneers

Natural Looking Smiles – Future Veneers provide beautiful results that are very natural looking, as the veneers are created to very closely resemble the exact appearance of a patient’s natural teeth. After the future veneers treatment, one can flash vastly improved smiles that look exceptionally natural – and there is no need for others to know that a cosmetic dentistry procedure has been done!

No Tooth Structure Removal–Future Veneers can be placed on top of the teeth that need to be improved, without any need for the removal of tooth structure. Compared to the traditional dental veneers procedure which necessitates the removal of previous tooth structure, the Future Veneers ensure that healthy tooth structure is preserved, while providing the needed cosmetic dentistry improvements. The tooth enamel is not damaged in any way since the teeth are left just the way they are, and will just be covered by the Future Veneers.

No Pain – Since the future veneers can be attached directly on top of the affected teeth without tooth preparation or removal of tooth structure, the entire treatment can be done without pain or discomfort to the patient.

Completely Reversible – The cosmetic dentistry improvements brought by Future Veneers are completely reversible, so changes that may need to be done after the treatment can be carried out without too much difficulty – on the part of both the patient, and the dentist.

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