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When you have white teeth, your smile really beams! A new smile can give you renewed confidence to be yourself and enjoy it. Enlighten is one of the most effective systems on the market to give you a beautifully white smile that’s natural and healthy looking!

Enlighten is an award-winning tooth whitening system which is a guaranteed way of getting the whitest teeth shade you can get – Vita shade B1. Regardless of your starting tooth colour, this whitening procedure will give you the whitest shade possible. It is well-recognised as being one of the safest, long-lasting and least invasive whitening treatments available!

The Enlighten treatment works by wearing a custom-fitted dental tray (lined with a whitening gel) for 14 consecutive nights. The active ingredient in the gel passes through the surface of your tooth and breaks down stains by chemical oxidation. Enlighten gels have been designed to be one of the most effective whitening solutions, whilst guaranteeing very minimal to zero sensitivity.

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“Enlighten is our recommended whitening treatment for those that want to get natural-looking white teeth without the risk of sensitivity.”

Our Approach

We will invite you to attend an initial appointment, where we will take you through the Enlighten process. This will include taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth sets, which will be used to create a custom-fitted whitening tray. We individually mould your tray to maximise the results of the process and provide comfort throughout your whitening process. Once we have made your tray, we will give you a whitening gel and talk you through the correct way to conduct the rest of your treatment at home.

The Enlighten treatment involves lining your custom-fitted tray with a whitening gel and wearing it for 14 consecutive nights. After this two-week process, we invite you back to have a second appointment. This will include an assessment of your progress and some minor in-surgery treatment with the Enlighten Evolution system. This process will only take up to an hour, after which you will see the incredible results of your whitening process – natural-looking white teeth. This whitening procedure can be supported by using an Enlighten toothpaste which strengthens any weakness in the teeth and helps to maintain the whiteness of the enamel.

Benefits of Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten whitening treatment is one of the most effective ways to improve the shade of your teeth. The custom-fitted tray and whitening solution are specially designed to guarantee Vita shade B1 (the whitest teeth shade possible), and minimal to zero sensitivity. The active ingredient works beyond the surface of your teeth through chemical oxidation, which dramatically reduces the discomfort you can experience with other whitening treatments.

The effects of Enlighten are long-lasting and provide a brilliantly, bright smile. The multi-sided nature of the process gives you the reassurance that you are getting one of the best whitening procedures available. Whiter teeth can give you a rejuvenated confidence to be amongst people and bring a smile to the world!

Want the white teeth you’ve always dreamed of? Book an appointment with us today! Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team to discuss Enlighten with us further!

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