Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure done to expose a larger area of the tooth, and is usually done in preparation for a dental treatment or procedure to fix a damaged tooth. The affected tooth will need to have sufficient structure showing from out of the gum line to be able to support a dental filling or a crown; in cases when there is not enough of the tooth structure from above the gum line, a crown lengthening will need to be done.

A crown lengthening procedure is done by cutting through the gum tissue, and then removing some of the tooth structure (usually around the tooth’s circumference) in preparation to the placement of a dental filling or a dental crown. There are cases when both the structure of the tooth and the soft tissue surrounding it (the gums) will need to be removed or altered, as in the case of dealing with a gummy smile problem.

The crown lengthening treatment will be done with the help of a local anaesthesia, to ensure the comfort of the patient throughout the entire procedure. Depending on the dental concern that needs to be addressed, some of the gum tissue and the bone structure may be removed or altered, before the tooth can be fixed with a dental filling or a dental crown. After the procedure, the gums will be stitched together to promote healing, and to protect the area that has been affected by the crown lengthening surgical treatment.

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