Crown Lengthening


Everyone wants their smile to be as nice as possible - crowns can be used to address this issue. Occasionally, crown lengthening is necessary for the crown to be fixed properly. This surgical procedure isn’t just limited to crown fittings and is also used to solve ‘gummy smile’, where excessive amounts of the gum is exposed when you smile.

A crown lengthening procedure exposes a larger area of the tooth to enable the appropriate dental fixes to be made. This is because the tooth needs to have a sufficient area to support treatments such as dental filling or crown fitting. This involves removing some of the tissue and tooth structure in preparation. Crown lengthening is carried out with the help of a local anaesthetic, so getting a great smile doesn’t have to be a painful experience!

Although this process is most commonly used for crown fittings, it can also be used to deal with ‘gummy smile’ – when there is an excessive amount of gum showing when you smile. Once it is completed, the treated area will be stitched together to promote healing and protect the area against any damage. Whether it is used to fit a crown or treat excessive gums, crown lengthening is the initial stage in getting a better smile.

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"Crown lengthening doesn’t just improve the appearance of your teeth, it can also improve your bite to prevent against any further dental complications."

Our Approach

We will invite you to a consultation in which we will work with you to identify the area you would like to improve. Before any further procedure is decided on, we will talk you through the crown lengthening process and make sure you are comfortable with it. Our patients’ comfort is of the upmost importance to us. This surgical procedure is an outpatient process which means that you will be able to go home once you have undergone the treatment. However, you are welcome to stay with us until you feel contented enough to do so.

Following your initial treatment crown lengthening treatment, you will be invited back for an assessment of your progress. This will either come in conjunction with having more dental treatment, or be an evaluation appointment. We will advise you every step of the way to make sure you are confident with the entire crown lengthening process.

The Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is ultimately used to improve the appearance of your smile, which will give you more confidence to show off your new and improved teeth. It can be used to eradicate a ‘gummy smile’ and enable you to show off your teeth. It is also necessary to fit crowns and perform dental fillings, both of which have dental benefits, including:

  • Resisting against teeth erosion
  • Preventing cuts in the mouth from misshaped teeth
  • Improving your bite
  • Reducing pain and infection caused by crooked teeth

Crown lengthening might seem like a daunting experience but it is a vital procedure for those that need it. Modern dentistry and anaesthetic make this surgical procedure minimises any pain experienced.

Want a better smile? Book an appointment with us today, or get in touch with our team! For more information on crown lengthening check out our article page here!

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