Ceramic & Lingual Braces

Ceramic & Lingual Braces at London City Smiles

When you think of braces, you’re likely to either picture a steel fixture or clear aligners. However, other forms of braces hold other benefits and are greatly effective.

However, ceramic braces are made in this material because they look subtle, matching the shade of your teeth. The smooth material is discreet and comfortable.

Lingual braces are equally as effortless and subtle, being fixed on the other side of your teeth than the braces you’d normally expect. 

The Benefits

Ceramic braces are incredibly tough. The material can withstand a lot of different things we consume daily. 

While the approach of fitting braces on the other side of your teeth might seem unusual at first, it works just as effectively as the more common form of braces. 

The subtlety and colour of ceramic braces make them hugely attractive to many, you too can experience why they’re increasingly popular. 

Because of where the braces are situated, onlookers will hardly notice that you’re wearing braces at all.

These types of braces also make it easier to keep the forward-facing surfaces of your teeth clean. You won’t need to navigate around wires to clean your teeth properly.

Our Approach

We know how important it is to you to have straight and healthy-looking teeth. It’s, for this reason, that we walk you through all the options available to you.

Fitting your braces with care and compassion, particularly if you are a nervous patient, is assured. You won’t need to have concerns unheard when you receive care from London City Smiles.

We find that collaborating with you is the best approach to reaching the results you want with any treatment. Therefore, showing you how ceramic and lingual braces would look before fitting them gives you a better idea.


Enlighten Whitening works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. It is a combination treatment meaning that there is a two-week home treatment followed by a one-hour visit to the dentist.

How much do Ceramic and Lingual Braces cost?

The cost is determined by your requirements, the type of braces you opt for, and how long they will need to be worn. Ask your consultant about this at the beginning.

Are Ceramic and Lingual Braces worthwhile?

Yes, these types of braces are very effective and have other benefits that traditional braces don’t have. As well as the subtlety, your teeth will be easier to clean and are supported by a strong material in ceramic.

Will Ceramic and Lingual braces hurt?

No, Ceramic and Lingual braces don’t hurt. Like other braces, you might experience some unusual discomfort at first because they are new for you, but the pain isn’t likely to occur.

For more information, fill out a consultation form and see how we can help.

This is how the treatment works

Consultations tell us what exactly you’re looking for and give us a chance to tell you all the important information before anything is fitted.

Now we can begin the treatment; you’ll need to have a digital scan of your mouth so our dentists can fit ceramic or lingual braces that are just for you.

On your next visit, your dentist will painlessly fit your braces into your mouth so that the realignment process can begin. This is done by applying a gel to the teeth that is adhesive so your braces won’t move.

You will require check-ins now and then to refit the braces and assess the condition of your mouth. These periodic visits can be booked over the telephone or by contact form.

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