Cosmetic Dentistry – Questions to ask

A visit to the cosmetic dentists chair could be the only thing standing in between of you and having the smile of your dreams. Cosmetic dentistry however, is an important step, and one should be cautious when doing so, taking special care in selecting a highly skilled, reputable dentist, and ensuring the treatments you are about to undergo are exactly what you are looking for.
In all the excitement and anxiety of going for a consultation it is easy to forget, or not to know in the first place what questions you should have ready for your dentist. Discussed below are some of the more important questions that should be asked when considering or making arrangements to have any cosmetic dentistry procedure done.

What is the Expected Outcome?
The first, and most important question that should be asked during a cosmetic dentistry consultation is what sort of outcome can be expected. Your dentist should be able to clearly establish what sort of expectations are realistic, as well as provide you with comparison photos of the results other patients have achieved. Some cosmetic dentists even have the technology to take a current picture and alter to show what changes can be expected after the procedure.

How long is the process, and What Does the Treatment Entail?
It is important to be well informed before undergoing any treatments. Be certain to ask, if your dentist does not offer the information beforehand, about all aspects of your upcoming procedure. You will want to know every step of the treatment as well as how long it will take and if more than one appointment is necessary to accomplish the desired results. Some procedures are lengthy processes and it may be necessary to organise a treatment schedule for future appointments.

What Should I Expect?
Be sure to talk to your cosmetic dentist about what to expect before, during and after your treatments. This will help alleviate a good amount of the anxiety leading up to undergoing such procedures. Your dentist should talk to you about the amount of pain to expect, as well as any preparations that should happen prior to the appointment. Also, it is important to discuss what to expect afterwards, including the length of recovery and any follow up that will be required.

Follow Up Care?
Before having the procedure done it is important to be made aware of any follow up care or precautions you will have to take in order to ensure the best possible results and the fastest healing. Your dentist should outline any special instructions, including foods to avoid during healing, how to properly clean and care for your dental work and any continuing maintenance that will have to be done in order to maintain the results.

Durability and Longevity
Different procedures have varying results, and may differ as far as how durable they are, or how long the patient can expect the work to last. Some treatments may only last three or four years, so it is important to be aware of this factor before committing to having expensive and sometimes painful work completed.

Deciding to have cosmetic dentistry done can be an expensive and overwhelming decision, but with careful planning, a clear picture of your desired results and the right dentist can make the process much less daunting, as well as leave you more comfortable with the treatment. However uncomfortable the concept of undergoing such procedures may be, patients can look forward to gaining the self confidence and happiness that comes from being more comfortable and satisfied with your appearance.


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