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Ceramic Vs. Titanium: The best type of Dental Implants for you



Deciding to get dental implants can massively improve not just your smile’s aesthetics, but your overall oral health condition.


The different types of dental implants that exist mean that you’re provided a choice that would’ve been unavailable to you previously.


This article will look at the differences between ceramic dental implants and titanium dental implants, assessing which is the right choice for your mouth.


What to know about ceramic dental implants 


Albeit a typically more expensive choice, ceramic dental implants are extremely effective in solving your oral issues. They tend to cost a bit more but so many people attest to how good their appearance is.


One of their main selling points is that their colour will look so seamlessly matching in the mouth of the patient thanks. There is a small chance that the titanium implants, however, could be visible through the gums.

If your gums are worn, perhaps through age or other factors, the reduced likelihood of seeing them through the ceramic dental implants might be an attractive proposition for you.


By its very composition, however, ceramic dental implants can become fractured more easily, either before fitting or after. Ceramic, although strong enough generally, can be a more delicate material than titanium, leaving many to prefer the latter. 


Should you want any further information or want your queries answered, you can examine all the details London City Smiles has on dental implants.

What to know about titanium dental implants


Titanium dental implants have been around for generations, being trusted in the industry as they have been serving patients well for a long time.


A lot of people opt for titanium because of its strength; when you consider how unlikely it is that any cracks or similar problems will occur, you can see why patients so frequently choose this material. 

Some studies have shown how titanium implants attach well to your jawbone and fits increasingly well as your mouth recovers from the procedure. 


This typically cheaper choice is less likely to be rejected by your mouth post-procedure.


Occasionally, however, it has been reported that allergies can occur from the titanium material in your mouth. These issues can manifest themselves in different ways, mostly related to hypersensitivity, and you should seek advice from your dentist if you believe you are reacting in such a way.


The right type of dental implants for you 


Because the choice usually comes down to personal preference, often relying on advice from your dental professional, you will receive a strong whichever you decide


Losing teeth is obviously unwanted but our dental implants are thankfully a lifelong solution. A new root will be fitted into your jawbone via your gum to make it strong and stable to keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy.


The team at London City Smiles can provide advice if you’re torn on which type of dental implant to choose. Their specialist advice can make your mind clearer on the alternatives presented to you.