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Ceramic & Lingual Braces vs Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a new type of braces technology that can have a big impact on both your teeth and mental wellbeing. But what are the big differences between old school ceramic and lingual braces and Invisalign braces? To help you wrap your head around those differences, we’ve got together a few of the major distinctions separating the two types of braces technology.


Ceramic & lingual braces

While traditional ceramic and lingual braces are old pieces of technology, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still effective. A big positive that comes with standard braces is their ability to accommodate all types of teeth problems. Whether your teeth are super crooked or just need a little straightening, there’s no doubt that ceramics can help you out. Traditional braces can also bring back remarkable results, thanks to their strength and force to put your teeth in line. 


However, like most things in life, there are some negatives to traditional braces treatment. The main con most people struggle with is aesthetics. Ceramics can often feel obtrusive and are difficult to hide, potentially impacting your self-esteem and confidence. Brushing your teeth and flossing is also difficult, as well as the inability to eat certain foods.


Invisalign braces

So – how are Invisalign braces so different? One of the biggest advantages of using Invisalign treatment is appearance. These retainers are nearly invisible, and take away a lot of the embarrassment that can prop up using ceramic braces. Furthermore, Invisalign retainers can be removed at will, meaning you can eat a huge variety of foods to your heart’s content. Alongside fewer consultations and more comfort when compared to ceramics, the benefits of Invisalign are undeniable.


That being said, there are still a few negatives to be aware of before making your decision. Invisalign braces will leave you a bit more out of pocket, as they are a little more expensive than standard braces. Patient discipline is also essential for achieving your desired results – if you take out your retainer too often or lose it for a period of time, it could have a big impact on your treatment.

Interested in fixing crooked teeth and claiming back a smile you can be proud of? Whether you go for ceramic and lingual braces or Invisalign braces, it’s never too late for treatment! Contact London City Smiles to book your first appointment and straighten your smile today.