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Once upon a time, the most important things you needed to break into Hollywood were a good contact list and a decent portfolio of photos. These days what you really need to get noticed is a fabulous set of teeth.Some are lucky enough to be born with the perfect grin but these are few and far between and the movie biz demands nothing less than a pristine set of teeth. Here are a few celebs we’ve spotted who have engaged the services of a top dentist to give a glittering smile for the cameras:

Tom Cruise
Now impossibly handsome with a sizzling smile, the star of the silver screen wasn’t always so perfect – his teeth were once a very good example of the snaggle-tooth look. A set of braces to straighten his teeth was only the beginning and now he flashes one of the whitest smiles in Hollywood.

Julia Roberts
Holder of one of the most instantly recognised smiles in the world, Julia’s teeth are whiter and brighter than most – her grin is known worldwide.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Another fabulously good looking actor who also appears to have kept his natural teeth. He’s obviously had them whitened but in a natural way, and not too artificially bright.

Anne Hathaway
With a glowing smile wider than Julia Roberts’s, but with teeth as white as her alabaster skin, Ms Hathaway must have had some whitening procedures.

Chris Rock
Actor and comedian, Mr Rock has always had a huge, dazzling smile but just needed a little remedial work to make it even more perfect.

Taylor Lautner
The Twilight star’s ultra-bright perfect smile is the envy of everyone but it’s no secret that it can only have come from a set of crowns and veneers.

Matt Damon
The star of Bourne Identity and Saving Private Ryan is also known as one of the nicest people in Tinseltown and has a sweet, bright smile to match with a perfect but natural set of veneers.

Demi Moore
The actress who starred in Ghost and GI Jane has invested in a great set of veneers to even out her gum line and give her the perfect smile, lighting up to great effect on the red carpet.

Nicholas Cage
His smile before was always natural and complemented his unconventional good looks but in recent years he appears to have undergone some work, probably including veneers, to smarten up his smile.

These days, it isn’t just celebs that are able to afford a Hollywood smile. If you’d like to perfect your grin, why not get in touch and book a consultation? We can make your dream smile a reality, for Invisalign in Islington.

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