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How Can Invisalign Braces Transform Your Smile?

To understand the effects that braces have on someone’s face, smile and self-confidence, you just need to look at the ‘before and after’ pictures.

The difference is astounding. The corrections to their teeth are subtle, but the impact on their smile is off the scale, their self-confidence boosted and their smile wide and happy!

There are many reasons why patients opt for braces and with Invisalign braces and technology, you are assured of amazing results.

Promoting Symmetry

The human face has a certain degree of symmetry, but both sides of your face are not identical. For some people, this asymmetry is pronounced and it often starts with the mouth.

Invisalign braces subtly correct this, creating a more symmetrical face and it is this that people notice. How do problems with teeth affect the face?

  •       Underbite – with an underbite, the chin will often jut out, making it look larger and causing an effect which some people call a “moon face”. Braces correct the underbite and this causes the overall appearance of the face to soften, pulling the chin back.
  •       Open bite – this creates an impression of the mouth that always seems to be ‘stretched’. In severe cases, can cause the mouth not to close naturally at all. The upper lip juts out but with braces correcting the underlying alignment problem, the mouth has a more natural appearance.
  •       Overbite – this is perhaps the most common ailment and one that many people seek help for in the shape of braces. An overbite can cause the upper lip to jut out and the cheeks to look sunken, Braces will alter the way your jaw and teeth fit together, creating harmony in the lower half of your face.
  •       Crooked teeth – a minor issue but for many people, it is the embarrassing issue that stops them from smiling freely and from laughing too. Crooked teeth not only have an impact on your self-confidence when it comes to smiling and talking but the shape and positioning of your teeth will have an impact on your face. Braces correct spacing and directional issues and this means you will have straight teeth that ‘fill out’ your lips, giving you the smile you have always wanted.

Hard to Spot

Braces are, of course, associated with teenage years and a ‘mouth full of metal’. But technology has revolutionised the brace and now with almost-invisible and barely-there braces, they are not only more difficult to spot but also comfortable.
Why not see how Invisalign can transform your smile at London City Smiles? Simply give us a call and we’ll be delighted to show you how great your new smile could be.