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Bruxism: How to stop grinding your teeth

Bruxism isn’t only painful, it can also have a big impact on the state fo your oral health. Whether you’re grinding at night or during the day, there are a few ways you can lower the damage done to your teeth. To give you a helping hand, here are a few ways to put a stop to your bruxism.


Wear a mouthguard

If you’re waking up in the morning with an aching jaw and light pain in your mouth, you may be unknowingly grinding your teeth during the night. A standard mouthguard, such as a rugby one, could be one of the best ways for you to limit the impact your grinding is having on your teeth. If your grinding is getting worse, it’s time to pop into our surgery and have a custom-made mouthguard fitted to your mouth.


Reduce your stress levels

There are many possible reasons for bruxism to pop up, but one of the most common is high-stress levels. Thanks to our hectic lifestyles, most people don’t do enough to take care of their mental health and ensure a calm, relaxed state of mind. Taking the time to practice mindfulness every day could have a big impact on your bruxism, as well as improving your general mental health too. It’s easy to do too – simply take 15 or 20 minutes out of your day to sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing and try to avoid paying attention to the chattering of your mind. While it may seem a bit ‘hippy-ish’, meditation can actually do wonders for your mental health and, potentially your bruxism.


Visit your dentist

If you’ve tried these techniques and you’re bruxism is still having an effect on your teeth, it’s time to talk to a professional. Our dentists are always happy to help and can provide world-class treatment to help you stop disrupting your oral health. When starting treatment, we will take imprints of both your upper and lower teeth, so that our custom made mouthguard will fit perfectly. If you’ve already caused significant damage thanks to your grinding, there are also a variety of treatments that can help you out, including dental crowns, overlays, dental fillings and other restorative treatments. 

Most people who grind their teeth may not even notice it at first, but doing something about it is key for your oral health. Get in contact with one of our professional dentists today to start your bruxism treatment.