London City Smiles

Benefits of staying in the UK for Dental work

With many people opting for the apparent cost savings of cosmetic dental work abroad – and rather too many horror stories as a result – it’s important to see just what the many benefits of staying in the UK for your dental work actually are. After all, with so many bargain basement type businesses across all industries and professions, it’s as well to remember that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Staying In The UK – The Sensible Option?
Aside from the additional cost and inconvenience of flights, visas, transfers, accommodation and all the other associated issues with travelling, when you use a reputable UK-based clinic, you have the reassurance that you can seek recommendations from friends, colleagues and people like you and near you.

What Other Benefits Are There?
Other benefits of coming to a UK clinic such as London City Smiles include:
• Telephone contact readily available to allay any concerns or answer any queries
• At London City Smiles, for example, there are twelve dentists all under one Roof: Cosmetic Dentists; Implant Dentists; Invisalign® Dentists & Orthodontists; Oral Surgeons; Endodontists (Root Canal) and Hygienists.
• You are assured of affordable and top quality dentistry with the requisite expertise, technology and treatment options tailored exactly to your requirements.
• There are no hidden or surprise costs, as could be sprung upon you when travelling abroad for treatment. Treatment options are clearly explained and illustrated and all costs are totally transparent.
• It’s easier to check on qualifications and testimonials of your UK based dentist, and to be reassured by their industry awards.
• All treatments will be guaranteed – and in the unlikely occurrence of any issues, there will be no costly and inconvenient travel. Would you want to have to organize flights and accommodation if you were in pain, or worried?
• Extensive choice of dental implant systems
• Payment plans or 0% interest to suit your budget
• Availability of Saturday and later night appointments.
• The very latest technology and innovations, such as a CT scanner for 3D imaging
• Sympathetic care for anxious patients, including conscious IV sedation where necessary.
On top of all that you can be absolutely sure of the highest levels of customer care and aftercare – something which is absolutely essential when you’re dealing with your smile.