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Banish the Bags: How tear trough fillers could make you look decades younger

Fed up with those sagging eye bags? We don’t blame you – those with excessive stress and a lack of sleep can quickly develop darker eye bags. Even when you’re not tired, these bags can give the impression that you’re older than you really are. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution – tear trough fillers. Here’s all you need to know about this unique form of facial aesthetics.


What are tear trough fillers?

We all know how important your eyes are when making that first impression. Tear troughs are the hollow areas below your eyes that tend to get baggier the older you get. As these areas are the frame for your eyes, sagging tear troughs can make you look more tired and much older. Tear trough fillers will help your whole face sparkle, giving you a fresh look as well as a big boost in self-confidence. Tear trough fillers are a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that revitalises the area below your eyes, making you seem both awake and younger. Everybody’s eyes are unique, but there’s no doubt that giving them that extra alertness will wipe away the years.


How do tear trough fillers work?

When it comes to tear trough fillers, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you’re interested in tear trough fillers, we will kick things off by sitting you down with one of our aesthetic skincare experts to discuss how the treatment will go ahead. It’s essential to us that the treatment is as natural as possible in order to give you the best results possible. With an appointment booked, we will numb the hollow areas of your eyes with topical anaesthetic, before injecting a gel that encourages the production of collagen. With a boosted amount of collagen, your tear troughs will have much more volume. You should start seeing results almost instantly, with the treatment really kicking in a few weeks after. If you’re in need of follow-up appointments, we’re more than happy to take a look at your results!


How long do tear trough fillers work?

While tear trough fillers are a temporary treatment, the results can last around a year depending on the person. If you’re happy after a year, you’re also able to have treatment again. The benefits of tear trough fillers don’t stop there though. This treatment can also boost your self-esteem and confidence significantly, giving yourself both a mental and physical brightness that everyone, including yourself, will benefit from.

Interested in banishing those eye bags? Get in touch with one of our aesthetic experts today and book your treatment!