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Are Invisalign Braces Right for Me?

If you have misalignment, overcrowding, an overbite, gaps, or several other oral problems, you’re probably looking for a way to rectify these issues.


Instead of the more traditional form of braces that you see many teenagers wear, why not see what Invisalign braces can do for you?


This article will look at the benefits of Invisalign braces and show why there are many options within the range to suit everybody.


An introduction to Invisalign braces


Invisalign braces align crooked teeth and fix other oral problems discreetly and effectively. 


Rather than having steel wires fixed into your mouth for a long time, you’ll be given moulds based on the shape of your mouth so that your teeth can gradually be shifted into the desired position.


Every few weeks you’ll need to visit your dentist to get a new mould to take into account the changes that have happened as a result of the treatment. 


The beauty of Invisalign, and perhaps its largest selling point, is that it’s not obvious that you’re wearing them. Many people don’t like the look or feel of the “train track” steel braces that were once the only solution.


With Invisalign, it’s not obvious to onlookers that you’re wearing braces at all. Better still, they’ll feel more comfortable in your mouth.


They’re easily removable should you want to eat or clean the mouth wear. This also makes them much more hygienic – there’ll be no pieces of food stuck between any wires!


Brushing your teeth won’t be a nuisance as you can take the Invisalign braces out temporarily to clean your teeth and rinse out the mouth wear, then put them back in, feeling refreshed.


What are my Invisalign choices?


The good news is that, within the Invisalign range, you have a few options to select from. These choices are:


  • Invisalign Full – the most comprehensive and effective Invisalign treatment on the market.
  • Invisalign Lite – if your issues aren’t severe but still noticeable, this could be the choice for you.
  • Invisalign i7 – this is suggested for minor alterations you’d like to see in your smile in a short space of time.


The type that is right for you depends on the current condition of your teeth, your budget, the amount of time you want the problems resolved, your age, and other factors.


Our expert dental professionals will first assess your oral health and advise the best course of treatment for you. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours. 


Make sure that you never get any oral treatment from an unlicensed or unregistered facility. This puts your health at risk and you might not get the results you want.

Get in touch with London City Smiles to see what we can do for you and start your Invisalign journey today.