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All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Circumstances that are out of our control do cause the loss of teeth. As a result of lacking the 2 front teeth, smiling has become tough for you. You can no longer smile without covering your mouth. You miss the old days when smiling was natural for you. You can make smiling natural again. All you need is a dental implant. A great London City Smiles service can help you get the dental implant that works best for you.

Maybe you are not sure whether a dental implant can be beneficial in any way. Below, we have outlined the benefits offered by dental implants.

The Benefits Offered by Dental Implants

1.    They Improve Your Appearance

This is the obvious benefit. If you have lost your two front teeth, you won’t look great when you smile as compared to when you have a dental implant on the gap. The additional benefits you get after improving your appearance using dental implants include the restoration of both your self-esteem and self-confidence.  You will also feel more comfortable in all situations.

2.    A Dental Implant Will Prevent Bone Loss

Where there is no tooth on your jaw, the jaw bone lacks stimulation. This causes the jaw bone to deteriorate. It is estimated that 25% of the jaw bone area is lost within the first year if a dental implant is not installed. This bone loss does not stop after the first year. It continues over the next years.

3.    The Dental Implant Will Stabilize the Adjacent Teeth

When a gap exists between your teeth, it can cause the adjacent teeth to shift towards the gap in a crooked manner. This will pull your teeth from their position. This can affect your appearance, your bite, and even the ability to chew. Poor bites can affect your temporomandibular (TMJ) joint negatively. This can cause headaches and pains.

4.    Dental Implants Will Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Bacteria and food can get trapped in the missing tooth gap. This will increase your chances of contracting gum disease.

5.    Dental Implants Offer Immediate Results

Some dental implants can be installed in a single procedure.  After the installation, you will experience an immediate improvement in the overall comfort, chewing ability, and teeth stability. It is worth noting that not all dental implants can be installed in one procedure.


No one wants to lose his or her teeth. However, we do not always have control over everything that happens to us. This means that you may end up losing your teeth when you are least expecting such a thing to happen to you. If you have already lost your teeth, you can get a dental implant. The team of implantologist at London City Smiles will help you figure out the dental implant procedure that will work for you. Don’t let lacking some of your teeth take a toll on your confidence or health. Get your dental implant today.