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Aftercare for your Dental Implant Surgery

At London City Smiles, we understand that while having any procedure done is important, it is also extremely important to make sure that you maintain a good level of care after your treatment. You might wonder what it is that you can do to help the recovery from dental implant surgery. Here we will look at the best ways to care for your oral health post-dental implant surgery and suggest the best ways to avoid any complications.

What to avoid after dental implant surgery aftercare

As pain-free and successful as dental implant surgeries tend to be, there are things you should do to make sure any unwanted issues occur.

It’s important to remember that your mouth is still vulnerable as it’s recovering, so be kind to your teeth by avoiding hard foods that will be difficult to chew at first. Soft food for a temporarily sensitive mouth is a good approach.

That being said, make sure you keep up a healthy diet, even if the food is softened. Cutting out alcohol or smoking can reduce the likelihood that your teeth encounter any problems like an infection.

Hot drinks aren’t advised either as your teeth will probably react more sensitively than usual to these beverages.

Remember that your mouth and other objects could harbor different types of harmful bacteria on them. Because of this, you should avoid touching your teeth with anything potentially dirty and clean them regularly as advised by your dentist.

More information on aftercare for dental implant surgery is available on our website.

Sensitivity and care

Some people will heal faster than others, so even when the initial signs of reacting to surgery have passed, continue to care for your teeth optimally as the bonding of your implants still grows into the jaw and gums for up to half a year.

Brushing, flossing, and routinely checking in with your dentist is, of course, something that should be done with or without dental implant surgery; after your procedure, though, it’s equally as crucial to keep these good habits up so that your oral health will remain strong.

Pain isn’t totally unheard of after your dental implant surgery so consider taking over-the-counter medication to combat that if the pain is significant. Swelling can happen too, bear this in mind when speaking to the pharmacist about what you need treating.

Complications are very unlikely, but not impossible. If you feel something isn’t right and, even after the healing process, that there is more pain than expected, get in touch with our dentists and your problems will be addressed.

At London City Smiles, we take pride in offering the utmost care for our patients through a blend of guidance and thorough inspection. For any further information on dental implant surgery, consult with our dental team.