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A Perfect Smile is in Your Future! Our guide to teeth straightening

Crooked or misshapen teeth can affect your confidence. If you’re someone who shies away from the camera at family occasions as you don’t want to bear your teeth, you know what we’re talking about. But given the broad range of orthodontic treatments available today, you no longer have to suffer with your crooked teeth in silence. Below, we introduce you to the different braces and retainers that London City Smiles can help you with as you look to start your teeth straightening journey today. 


Ceramic & Lingual braces 

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments at London City Smiles is our 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces. Following an initial consultation, our orthodontists will analyse your teeth and consider the best course of treatment based on your preferences. On the day of your appointment, our dentists place ceramic material onto each of your teeth, which is applied using a non-toxic adhesive. Light blue brace wire is then pushed through the translucent ceramics, which get to work on straightening your teeth right away. The whole process takes between 1 and 2 hours and is completely pain-free. We then invite you for regular checkups with our orthodontists to ensure everything is working as it should. 


Invisalign braces 

For patients who would like a more subtle brace, our Invisalign treatment is an excellent option. At the start of your treatment, we begin with an Itero 3D Scan, which is advanced technology that enables our dentists to understand your teeth much better, and we can build a detailed scan of your teeth and gums as a result. This allows us to completely tailor our treatment to the layout of your teeth, which is one of the reasons why our Invisalign braces are so successful. It takes most patients between six and twelve months to notice results with our Invisalign braces, as they work gradually. Another benefit is that they can easily be removed, which makes brushing your teeth that little bit easier. 


Dental retainers 

Following your orthodontic treatment, dental retainers are an excellent option for keeping your teeth straight long into the future. We have several options available – Hawley retainer, invisible retainer, and fixed retainer – depending on your circumstances and the recommendations of your dentist. As well as keeping your teeth straight after you have removed your braces, retainers can also help you stop snoring and prevent speech impediments for some people. So, if you want to make sure your orthodontist treatment has the long term impact on your teeth that you desire, opting for a dental retainer is a smart move. 


Straighten your teeth with London City Smiles today 

Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded, misshapen, or misplaced, braces and retainers are great solutions to provide you with the straight, camera-ready teeth that you’ve always dreamed of. At London City Smiles, our dentists are on hand and ready to advise you on the best treatment for your personal circumstances, so call us today on 020 7837 2300 to ask any questions or book an appointment online to start your teeth straightening journey.