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A London City Smiles guide to ElastiLash Eyelash Solution

Full and thick eyelashes are very much on-trend right now. They frame your eyes beautifully and give you the confidence and glow you need to look your best. At London City Smiles, our partnership with Obagi has enabled us to bring you a range of exceptional treatments that can help you look and feel at the top of your game. Below, we explain in detail what makes our ElastiLash eyelash solution so special, and what benefits you can expect from regular application. 


What is our ElastiLash Eyelash Solution? 

At London City Smiles, we have partnered with Obagi to bring you their highly sought-after ElastiLash treatment. The non-prescription treatment ensures your eyelashes look fuller and thicker and will frame your eyes beautifully. Obagi is an industry leader where skincare treatments are concerned. Their non-allergenic solution has been dermatologically tested, confirming that it’s highly effective for anyone hoping to enhance their eyelashes. 


How it works 

Our dermatological experts are perfectly positioned to treat your eyelashes and answer any questions you have about Obagi’s products. For the solution to work, you need to apply one generous brushstroke of ElastiLash every night for a period of six weeks. You will start to notice thicker and fuller brows if you’re consistent with your treatment and are disciplined with the application. Schedule an appointment today to get started with your Obagi eyelash treatment. 


What about the benefits? 

As one of the most sought-after eyelash treatments on the market, Obagi’s ElastiLash will make your eyes glow! After six weeks, you will achieve the full and luscious eyelashes that you’ve long dreamed of, and you don’t need to worry about any side effects. Some of the benefits of this Obagi treatment include: 


  • Full, thick eyelashes within just six weeks of starting your daily application. 
  • Your lashes will look perfectly natural, and you don’t need to apply cosmetic mascara once your lashes start taking shape. 
  • The treatment is chemical-free and non-allergenic, meaning you don’t need to worry about removing the solution after application. 
  • You don’t need a prescription to benefit from this treatment, and you can get started by talking to one of our dermatological experts. 


Obagi is at the forefront of the skincare industry, and its products are trusted by dermatologists all around the world. We’re delighted to have partnered with Obagi to bring you their ElastiLash solution, and we’d be thrilled to help you develop those gorgeous, thick brows that you’ve been longing for. 


Book your appointment with London City Smiles today 

Our Obagi ElastiLash solution is one of our most popular facial aesthetic treatments. But it’s not the only Obagi treatment that we offer. We also use the Obagi Nu-Derm System to help our clients revitalise their skin and help them feel that little bit younger. If you’re interested in any of our Obagi treatments or want to schedule an appointment with one of our dermatological experts, give us a call today on 020 7837 2300 or book online to get started.